What’s Wrong With Mondays?

© Paws

Nothing at all. The real question is ‘What’s wrong with your job?’

With the sole notable exception of a dear friend of mine who works on the weekends, there is not a single rational reason to hate mondays. Look at Garfield: he lives eating and sleeping all week long, mondays included. Why does he have to hate mondays?

The real reason is he, as most of the people who works in the cubicle world, hates his life, not just the mondays. Take a look on other indicator: the parking lot. Look how people park their cars and you will know if the office environment is pleasurable or not. When people are eager to get INTO the office, they the first spot to GET IN, and if they are free to do it, they use front parking. When they are thinking on GETTING OFF the office, they park in the place nearest to the exit, and they back park. There are few people who back parks in their own home, and that’s because they WANT to be there.

That is the real reason people hates mondays and love fridays. But it should not be. Most of us live a third of our life and almost 75% of our wake up life at the office, it should not be as hateful as every monday.

If you hate mondays, think about it. Is your job satisfactory? If not, you need to do something about it.

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