The Coffee in the office

Foto de Sandor Mejias Brito

I will say you this: I survived ten years of my life serving coffee. With a very huge paycheck, I must add. So, I really know a little about the coffee in the office.

Just think about it. In any office you can miss the manager, the middle manager, most of your colleagues, the photocopier… but you hardly can survive without the coffee. It is not just that the beans are a legal stimulant drug, although I think it has a lot to do with our dependence of this beverage. Coffee is to the office as alcohol is to leisure. Sure, you can have a party without alcohol and I congratulate you if you do. But if you are like the other 90% of the world, you will have more fun with a little bit of booze and a hot warm cup of coffee.

If I could give a single advice to all the people in the business I would say “invest in coffee”. Don’t rely on those fancy machines that make a lot of noise and use inferior quality instant coffee. Buy an old fashion drip brewer and keep it ready when your clients and employees arrive.

For your employees, a nice warm cup of coffee means they are welcome in the office, make their brains work faster and smoother and you will cash form their early productivity a lot more than what you invest in a high quality coffee.

For your clients, even for those who prefer tea or sodas, the smell of a recent brewed coffee make them feel at home. What else do you need to milk that cow? Just a fact: relaxed cows give more milk, do you knew that?

My favorite coffee in the world is Genuino Antigua. I will not say to you to dig deeply in your organic foods supermarket and find this at any cost, even if it is worth the effort. But reach for the best coffee you can afford and keep it always in your office. As any drug, coffee is highly addictive. I know a few clients that keep working with me just for the coffee and they don’t know why. It is like pushing drugs, but legally.

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