A trained monkey could do my job.

Foto de Pixabay

To be a creative director is not as hard as digging holes in the ground. In fact is a job so easy that a trained monkey could do it. But because of animal rights laws, you still need a highly trained human to do it.

In the horse tracks, you hardly know the name of jockeys, you bet for the horses. It does not mean that the jockey is not doing his job, is just that the race is won by the horse. The jockey only need to be as light as possible and give the right instructions on time in a way the horse understand and obey quickly.

It is the same on creative direction. You need a strong, furious and powerful team. The better the team, the greater your chances of winning. But you -as the director- have to know when to start, when to turn and when to pass the other horses. A job any trained monkey could do, of course.

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