A psychopath is just a little ahead of time.

Foto de Caleb Oquendo

I’m serious.  If you really know what will happen in the future, you will be laughing about matters most people are worried. Let’s talk about that big meeting on September 11 at the WTC, two days before.  Let’s see the New Coke, the Betamax, Blockbuster, NKOTB and Michael Jackson.  Every single thing you know is laughable when you know what will happen next.

Sure, nobody is a time traveler and nobody has a valid reason to laugh about your worries. Or is He? 

You know, form a Christian perspective, God the Almighty has no limits of time and space.  He simply Is.  Of course He knows everything about the future and if He does not, He can change it. Easy.

So, you can see God laughing about your missing pet, your broken nail, and that big chunk of cancer in your brain.  He knows.  Why not laugh at you when you are suffering?  You would do it too.

That means that psychopaths are closer to God than normal human beings.  Sure, God is not in the backyard burning ants with a magnifying glass, He does not put people in the path of bullets fired by a nut, and He does not create earthquakes and tsunamis, isn’t He?  He is just love and smiles for everyone, He always remember to say “please” and “thank you”, He is not peeking in your bedroom to see if you are having sex only with your married wife.  No, no, God is not a psychopath.

But He is incredibly close.

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